Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tumbling Walls

Chase has walls, walls to protect her from the pain and heartache of falling in love. Learning from her mother, Chase has not intention of falling in love until she meets Shaun. He is arrogant, annoying, flirtatious, damn sexy and to be avoided at all costs. After losing her mother and finding her father, Chase is thrust into a paranormal world when she finds out she is a Warlock. Shaun is a vampire with a thousand friends who loves his carefree lifestyle, until he meets Chase. When Chase's world comes tumbling down there is only one person who can see her through this. When everything Chase believes in is found to be a lie, the devastation that follows threatens to destroy her everything and everyone around her.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Melting Ice

For centuries Ice has had a plan, kill, kill, and kill. Kill enough and someone would eventually kill you first. He's a cold and dangerous killer who lives for the fight. Killing has been his job for as long as he can remember and that suits him fine. As the leader of the Elite Vampire Team, Ice protects the city of New York by taking out threats, permanently and painfully until he meets her.

She is lost and alone having been in a Demon Realm for as long as she can remember. Her plan is to stay undetected by the Demons terrorising New York. Fortunately Ice isn't aware of her plan and he rescues her when she is being attacked.

She has information they need, but Ice's usual methods of torture are likely to scare her even more than she already is. When she tries to kill him, she gets under his skin and he doesn't know how to manage the feelings she evokes in him.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

HIS RELUCTANT QUEEN - Relesed on 06/02/2013

Having spent her life trying to control a powerful gift that gives her visions of death and taking the emotions of others, Claire has a found a place that offers her peace and sanctity. When her sister is abducted, Claire finds herself having to return to New York to help find her, when her gift becomes crucial in locating her sister; Claire has to embrace it and the fear that has plagued her since childhood. 
Assaud wants Claire, but he wants her to embrace his home and his lifestyle. To do that Claire needs to face her past and accept her powers and the implications of them.
The Silver Pack is being threatened by an unknown enemy, with their children being the target the Pack will need the support and help of their friends and family. A sadly departed friend returns to help Lucky's children reach their destiny, before they lose one of them.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Beta Readers

So I have recently been introduced to the concept of Beta Readers, having never heard of them before i was approached by someone who was enjoying the series, but saw some areas for improvement. While i have had no complaints in relation to the storyline, i am well aware that i struggle with grammar which has become the bane of my life. So with this in mind i accepted the offer, i am currently editing the next book in the Silver Series and have utilised this offer with great results.

A Beta Reader can see the things i don't because i am caught up in the story, they can highlight inconsistencies that don't come to me as i am putting pen to paper so to speak. This has led me to question where i can find a couple more Beta Readers and decided that my blogg would be the best place.

Which has led me to posting this, if you enjoy the Silver Series and would like to be a Beta Reader please contact me, a word of warning though i write incredibly fast and need people who can keep up with me, the main areas i struggle with are tenses and punctuation.

Friday, 21 December 2012

the 7th in the Silver Series

While the run up to Christmas is usually hectic i have returned home to the UK for the holidays so amid all of the drinking and socialising i am busy editing in the hopes that my next book will be released in January although i am yet to determine a name however Claires story is coming together well.

Claire has grown up fearing her gifts, in a household of strong independent women she has always struggled to fit in and managing what she has always beleived to be a curse. As a teen she used drugs and alcohol to cope with her strong empath aibilities that allow her to siphon emotions from others, falling deeper into a pit of despiar Claire ends up in the rainforest where her life changes.

Assaud has grown up in the Rainforest under the watch of his tyrant father so when his father is killed the Jaguar shifters turn to him to lead them. From the moment he met Claire he knew she was his except she insists on telling him her story before their relationship can develop, buut will he still want her when he knows her past.

Claire's sister has been abducted and with no leads things are looking grim. Claire has the opportunity to help find her sister but to do that she needs to face her fears and allow those who love her to help. It is time for Claire to trust in her gifts and let them lead her to Ellie before it is too late.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New book, different genre

Over the last 18 months I have focussed on the Silver Series, it has been an amazing journey and one that will continue for sometime yet. What i have found is that immersing myself in a new book as soon as have finished the previous one can leave me feeling emeshed and drained.

So when i finished writing Taming the Warrior i wanted to take a little time out from The Silver Wolf Pack, i had been toying with an idea for sometime and decided to give it a whirl. The result is Emma's Education and follows a budding journalist chasing the story and receiving more than she bargained for. This book was challenging in that it took me out of my confort zone, however it was also lots of fun to write and read.

Please see the specific page for more information on this book.

Taming the Warrior

I have now released the sixth in the Silver Series, and the response has been fantastic as have the comments i have received so thanks to all of those people. I am currently working on the 7th book but it will be a while before it's ready to be released.